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A. Compliance with this chapter shall be required in all city contracts to which it applies. Upon award of any service contract covered by this chapter, the service contractor shall be required to certify that he or she will comply and will require all subcontractors to comply with the requirements of this chapter.

B. Such contracts shall provide that upon a violation of the provisions of this chapter, a service contractor or subcontractor who is out of compliance for the first time shall have 30 days to come into compliance including the payment of any back wages required. If the service contractor or subcontractor remains out of compliance after 30 days, the city may terminate the contract and otherwise pursue contractual remedies for breach of contract.

C. Within 10 days of any request by the city, the service contractor or subcontractor shall provide satisfactory proof of compliance with the living wage provisions of this chapter in the form of payroll records, benefit records, or other appropriate evidence.

D. If the city finds that a service contractor or subcontractor has violated the provisions of this chapter a second time, the city may terminate all contracts with the service contractor already in force, and the contractor or subcontractor shall be prohibited from contracting with the city for a period of two years. [Ord. 2002-11-080].