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A. As part of this review, the city shall:

1. Verify the information submitted by the applicant;

2. Evaluate the project area and vicinity for critical areas;

3. Determine whether the proposed project is likely to impact the functions or values of critical areas; and

4. Determine if the proposed project adequately addresses the impacts and avoids impacts to the critical area associated with the project.

B. If the proposed project is within, adjacent to, or is likely to impact a critical area, the city shall:

1. Require a critical area report from the applicant that has been prepared by a qualified professional, to be reviewed and evaluated;

2. Determine whether the development proposal conforms to the purposes and performance standards of this chapter, including the criteria in BMC 16.55.200, Review criteria;

3. Assess the potential impacts to the critical area and determine if they can be avoided or minimized; and

4. Determine if any mitigation proposed by the applicant is sufficient to protect the functions and values of the critical area and public health, safety, and welfare concerns consistent with the goals, purposes, objectives, and requirements of this chapter. [Ord. 2005-11-092].