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A. No land-disturbing activity, including but not limited to clearing of vegetation, grading, filling, excavating or trenching of soil or earth materials, shall be permitted from October 1st through May 31st, with the exception of restoration work described in BMC 16.80.080(E) and approved in writing by the planning and public works directors.

B. All bare soil and earth areas in excess of 500 square feet shall be required to be covered during the above listed months with any of the following: (1) Well established grass, sod or a vegetated surface sufficient to prevent the erosion or transport of soil, sediment and silt laden water. No soil or earth may be visible; (2) a minimum of three inches cover of shredded wood chip/fiber, vegetative mulch, hay or straw; (3) crushed rock or gravel, not less than three-fourths inch in aggregate size and four inches deep; (4) or other approved coverage method approved in writing by the planning and public works directors.

C. The city may approve emergency exemptions to the seasonal restrictions as may be necessary to protect public health, safety, welfare, the environment and private or public property. Exemptions shall be construed narrowly and may be granted by the planning and public works directors. [Ord. 2009-06-040; Ord. 2001-01-001].