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2.42.040 Powers and duties.
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A. The commission has the responsibility for the preparation and maintenance of the comprehensive plan of the city. The comprehensive plan should provide goals, policies, and guidelines for orderly development of the city to provide a healthy and safe environment for the people of Bellingham. The comprehensive plan must include land use and circulation elements; in addition, the plan may include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. Conservation;

2. Open space, parks, and recreation;

3. Transportation;

4. Public buildings and uses;

5. Public utilities;

6. Redevelopment plans;

7. Urban design; and

8. Other elements that either the commission or the council deems necessary to the plan. The maintenance of the plan is to keep it current and responsive to the needs of the citizens as a whole.

B. The commission has the duty to provide implementation measures to assure compliance with the comprehensive plan. These measures shall include zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, and any other rules, actions, or regulations deemed necessary to implement the plan.

C. The commission has the responsibility of holding public hearings and inviting public comments and response. To that end, the commission is empowered to organize citizen groups for study and reaction to proposed plans and studies, and engage in any activity that will aid and assist in increasing public awareness and response.

D. The commission is authorized and empowered to cooperate with other commissions and public agencies of the city, county, state or federal governments in planning, conservation and development. [Ord. 8304 § 5, 1974].