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A. The boundaries of the fountain district urban village and associated land use areas are hereby delineated as shown in Figure 20.37.210.

B. The fountain district urban village is divided into two commercial areas (core and transition) and two residential areas (Transitions 1 and 2). The purpose of the areas is to establish goals, policies and regulations that require development to respond to desired intensity, physical characteristics and neighborhood scale. These areas are intended to ensure that development is appropriately scaled and to encourage uses that are compatible with the surrounding neighborhoods.

1. Commercial Core. The commercial core area is intended to be the densest area within the urban village with the highest concentration of employment and housing. These areas are likely to have direct access to transit and a wide range of supportive land uses such as retail, office, recreation, public facilities and plazas. The pedestrian environment is emphasized in this area. Ground floor commercial is required along Meridian Street (between Broadway and W. Illinois Street).

2. Commercial Transition. The commercial transition areas are intended to allow commercial uses similar to the core area, but those with less noise and vehicular impacts on abutting residential areas. Height limits and building square footages are lowered to lessen the impact on the adjacent residential areas, discourage demolition of buildings with historic integrity and encourage adaptive reuse of structures by providing additional flexibility of use. Buildings with residential only uses are permitted in this area.

3. Residential Transition. The residential transition areas are immediately adjacent to existing single-family neighborhoods. A mix of residential housing types as outlined in Chapter 20.28 BMC, Infill Housing, is encouraged to support the abutting commercial areas and provide housing choices for people of various incomes and ages. These areas are regulated under the standards established for single-family and infill housing types.

Figure 20.37.210 Fountain District Urban Village and Area Boundary Map

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