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A. Applicability. The regulations of this section shall apply to all new construction, and to the renovation of existing site and building improvements, when the cost of renovation exceeds 50 percent of the assessed valuation of the site and improvements.

B. Requirements.

1. Abutting streets shall be improved to three-quarters standard. Projects abutting Harris Avenue shall also improve the abutting sidewalk to accommodate the proposed street designs in the Fairhaven neighborhood and urban village plan.

2. Minimum sidewalk width in commercial zoned areas is 15 feet and shall include a landscaping strip or tree wells adjacent to the street curb. Landscape strips and tree wells shall have a minimum width of four feet.

3. Modifications to requirements may be approved by the planning and public works directors when:

a. Practical difficulties arise in the design and construction of streets due to topographic or geological limitations or other problems inherent or peculiar to the area;

b. The directors find that imposition of the required street design would be detrimental to the interest of the neighborhood;

c. The directors find that the modifications will provide an equal or better solution that is consistent with the goals and policies in the Fairhaven neighborhood and urban village plan; or

d. The street cross-section will include angled parking. [Ord. 2012-08-041 § 13 (Exh. G)].