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20.37.360 Fairhaven urban village – Landscaping.
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A. Applicability. The regulations of this section shall apply to the development of any principal and/or accessory use within any area in the Fairhaven urban village except as follows:

1. Development in residential transition areas shall comply with Chapter 20.28 BMC, Infill Housing, Chapter 20.30 BMC, Residential Single Development, or Chapter 20.32 BMC, Residential Multi Development, for corresponding development.

B. Standards. All landscaping provided to meet requirements under this section must meet the standards herein to ensure the long-term health, viability and coverage of plantings. The planning and community development director may establish standards relating to matters including, but not limited to, the type and size of plants, number of plants, concentration of plants, depths of soil, use of low-water use plants, and access to light and air for plants.

1. Development shall provide landscaping in accordance with BMC 20.12.030 except as provided herein.

2. Street Trees. One street tree shall be required for every 50 feet of street frontage abutting the property. Said trees shall be installed adjacent to the right-of-way within the property lines or within the right-of-way subject to the approval of the public works and parks departments.

3. Surface Parking.

a. Surface parking lots with 15 or more parking spaces shall provide internal landscaping at the rate of 20 square feet of landscaped area per parking stall. The landscaping shall include at least one shrub for every 20 square feet of landscaped area, and one shrub per enclosed bed. One tree shall be required for every 10 open parking spaces. Vegetation ground cover shall be provided for all landscaped areas that will provide 90 percent coverage within two years.

b. Drought tolerant materials shall be used for all plantings unless an irrigation system is provided. A two-year maintenance bond or other financial guarantee acceptable to the city shall be provided in the amount of 50 percent of the value of the landscaping materials and installation. [Ord. 2012-08-041 § 13 (Exh. G)].