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A. Proposals for development shall satisfy all parking and loading area regulations for similar uses contained within Chapter 20.12 BMC except as provided herein.

B. WCC manages parking on a district-wide basis with parking facilities distributed across the campus. This practice is intended to allow on-street parking and off-site parking to meet parking requirements within the district as follows:

1. The total number of parking stalls required within the WCCID shall be one per classroom and office plus one for every four students enrolled. Public assembly areas, residential, support and accessory uses are exempt from parking. For purposes of determining student enrollment and subsequent minimum parking requirements, the fall quarter full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment of students on the campus shall be used.

2. When on-street parking is allowed by the public works director, said parking may count toward on-site parking requirements.

3. Off-site parking may be utilized to meet up to a maximum of 20 percent of the minimum college parking requirements if it is available during peak periods of parking utilization and is located within 500 feet of the campus boundaries, or beyond 500 feet when it serves college off-campus uses located on the same or adjacent site(s) or is connected to the campus by free or low cost transit service operating during peak periods. If off-campus parking areas serve other, noncollege uses, a joint parking agreement specifying rights and/or operating times must be signed by all participants and the planning director and filed in the county auditor’s office. Any off-campus parking must be consistent with city land use and zoning requirements and approved by the planning director.

4. Parking lots should not encircle buildings, should be minimized where they are located between the street and building, and are discouraged adjacent to streets.

5. Vehicle and pedestrian circulation facilities should coordinate with street and walkway systems of adjoining properties.

6. The college may make revisions to its existing parking facilities without city approval, in ways that do not require a city permit, so long as the college does not decrease the total amount of off-street parking spaces below the minimum requirements.

C. Bike Parking. The college shall provide bicycle parking facilities consistent with USGBC LEED standards for each building project. [Ord. 2017-11-025 § 18 (Exh. I)].