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A. This section applies to applications requiring a Type II, III-A, III-B, V-A or VII process.

B. The minimum comment period shall be 14 days following the date of notice of application, except for shoreline permits and Type V-A applications, which shall have a minimum comment period of 30 days; and except for short subdivisions consisting of five or more lots, which shall have a minimum comment period of 20 days. The city may accept public comments at any time prior to the close of the open record public hearing, or if there is no public hearing, prior to the decision on the project permit. Except for a determination of significance (DS) under the State Environmental Policy Act and Chapter 16.20 BMC, the city shall not issue a final SEPA threshold determination or issue a decision or recommendation on a permit application until the expiration of the minimum public comment period. [Ord. 2004-12-088; Ord. 2004-09-065].