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1For statutory provisions regarding the budget process in cities of the first class with populations under 300,000, see Chapter 35.33 RCW; for charter provisions regarding the budget, see Bellingham City Charter Sections 8.03 and 8.04.

For code provisions regarding the garbage disposal fund, see BMC 9.12.050.

For charter provisions regarding city finances generally, see Bellingham City Charter Sections 8.01 – 8.13.

For statutory provisions regarding cumulative reserve funds, see RCW 35.21.070 and 35.21.080.

For statutory provisions regarding the motor vehicle excise tax, see Chapter 82.44 RCW.

For statutory provisions regarding municipal retail sales and use taxes, see Chapter 82.14 RCW.

The Washington State Legislature, by its adoption of Chapter 49 Laws of 1982, First Extraordinary Session, authorized cities to enact local legislation authorizing up to an additional one-half cent sales tax.

Sections 4 and 5 of Ord. 9307 appropriate funds for the Mt. Baker Theater fund.