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The director of parks and recreation is authorized to issue regulations for the use of park property, facilities, and equipment, and with the written agreement of the property owner, regulations which shall apply to the use by the public of private property which is open to public access pursuant to a condition of an open space agreement with the city or the city-county open space committee or other easements as applicable. To be effective, the regulations must be made part of the city’s policies and procedures manual, and copies must be made available to the general public through the offices of the parks and recreation department and the finance department.

A violation of a park regulation adopted pursuant to this section shall be deemed a civil infraction punishable as provided in this chapter.

All agreements between the city and private owners of open space and public access lands for the adoption of regulations shall authorize entry upon the land by police officers and other city employees to enforce such regulations.

The city assumes no liability for the condition of the property subject to the regulations, for the adequacy of the regulations, or for the failure to enforce them. [Ord. 2021-06-026 § 1; Ord. 10612 § 2, 1995].