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A. Every owner, occupant or tenant of a single-family dwelling unit within the city shall deposit or cause to be deposited in a covered container all garbage and refuse of such a nature that it is perishable or may decompose or be scattered by wind or otherwise, which may accumulate on any premises owned or occupied by such owner, occupant, or tenant; except as provided in subsection (B) of this section. Recyclable materials shall be picked up by the contractor, without charge, when set out in accordance with published directives to be issued by the director of public works.

B. Vegetable wastes, ashes, leaves, grass, plant cuttings and other organic wastes may be composted on private premises or at a public place designated for composting, providing the compost site is maintained so as not to create odors, expose raw garbage, allow garbage to become scattered, or increase the risk from pests. Nonputrescible garbage and refuse, animal wastes, and materials containing animal or vegetable fats may not be composted. Composting in accord with this subsection shall not be a violation of BMC 9.04.040, 9.04.050 or Chapter 10.60 BMC. [Ord. 9344 § 1, 1984; Ord. 8293 § 3, 1974].