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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 2024-01 Supports passage of rent stabilization legislation 1/29/2024 Special
Res. 2023-33 Supports immediate cease fire in Gaza, Israel and Palestine 12/11/2023 Special
Res. 2023-32 Honors policy analyst Mark Gardener 12/11/2023 Special
Res. 2023-31 Honors council member Kristina Michele Martens 12/11/2023 Special
Res. 2023-30 Honors mayor Seth Fleetwood 12/11/2023 Special
Res. 2023-29 Utility easement relinquishment 12/11/2023 Special
Res. 2023-26 Establishes fees for use of city parks and recreational facilities 10/16/2023 Special
Res. 2023-25 Establishes fees for services at Bayview Cemetery 10/16/2023 Special
Res. 2023-24 Amends land use application fee schedule 9/25/2023 Special
Res. 2023-23 Endorses Buildable Lands Report 9/25/2023 Special
Res. 2023-22 Encourages voters of Bellingham to vote “yes” for Proposition 2023-04, public health, safety, and justice sales and use tax 9/25/2023 Special
Res. 2023-21 Encourages voters of Bellingham to vote “yes” for Greenways 5 levy 9/25/2023 Special
Res. 2023-20 Funding assistance authorization for Civic Athletic Complex maintenance projects 9/11/2023 Special
Res. 2023-19 Affirms housing affordability and homelessness constitute public health crisis 7/24/2023 Special
Res. 2023-18 Defers Initiative No. 2023-02, economic displacement assistance mandate in landlord-tenant relations 7/24/2023 Special
Res. 2023-17 Defers Initiative No. 2023-01, raising minimum wage 7/24/2023 Special
Res. 2023-16 Authorizes mayor to enter into development agreement with Old Town Village, LLC and Capron, LLC 7/10/2023 Special
Res. 2023-15 Provides for ballot proposition for Greenways 5 tax levy 7/10/2023 Special
Res. 2023-14 Affirms values with regard to ballot measure for providing funds for costs associated with public health, safety and justice facilities 6/26/2023 Special
Res. 2023-13 Agrees to schedule for joint county and city review of urban growth areas 6/26/2023 Special
Res. 2023-12 Establishes fees for use of city parks and recreation golf course 6/26/2023 Special
Res. 2023-11 Designates July 2023 as Parks and Recreation Month 6/26/2023 Special
Res. 2023-10 Adopts 2024-2029 transportation improvement program 6/5/2023 Special
Res. 2023-09 Authorizes pilot crosswalk art installation and development of formal policy for future installations 6/5/2023 Special
Res. 2023-08 Fixes public hearing date and time for street vacation petition 5/22/2023 Special