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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 2021-14 Fixes public hearing date and time for street vacation petition 6/7/2021 Special
Res. 2021-13 Adopts 2022-2027 transportation improvement program 6/7/2021 Codified
Res. 2021-12 Joint resolution of Whatcom County, Bellingham, and the Whatcom Transportation Authority regarding creation of Whatcom public radio system 5/24/2021 Special
Res. 2021-11 Fixes public hearing time and date for street vacation petition 5/10/2021 Special
Res. 2021-10 Submits 2021 action plan to HUD for use of CDBG funds 4/26/2021 Special
Res. 2021-09 Adopts Americans with Disabilities Act transition plan for pedestrian facilities in public rights-of-way 4/26/2021 Special
Res. 2021-08 Utility easement relinquishment 4/26/2021 Special
Res. 2021-07 Utility easement relinquishment 4/26/2021 Special
Res. 2021-06 Creation of tourism promotion area 4/12/2021 Special
Res. 2021-05 Authorizes relinquishment of railroad franchise rights 4/12/2021 Special
Res. 2021-04 Honors City Attorney Peter Ruffatto 3/22/2021 Special
Res. 2021-03 Creation of tourism promotion area 3/8/2021 Special
Res. 2021-02 Provides clarification and direction regarding the broadband advisory group 2/22/2021 Special
Res. 2021-01 Establishes fees for use of city parks and recreation golf course 2/8/2021 Special
Res. 2020-46 Establishes docket of proposed comprehensive plan amendments to be reviewed in 2016-2017 12/14/2020 Special
Res. 2020-45 Amends climate protection action plan 11/23/2020 Special
Res. 2020-44 Fixes meeting times and dates 11/9/2020 Special
Res. 2020-43 Authorizes employee insurance plan 11/9/2020 Special
Res. 2020-42 Authorizes limit factor for property tax levy 11/9/2020 Special
Res. 2020-41 Utility easement relinquishment 11/9/2020 Special
Res. 2020-40 Adopts 2020-2025 water use efficiency goal and performance measures 10/12/2020 Special
Res. 2020-39 Encourages voters of Bellingham to renew the Bellingham transportation fund in the November 2020 general election 10/12/2020 Special
Res. 2020-38 Authorizes the mayor to enter into the first amended and restated development agreement with Parberry 9/28/2020 Special
Res. 2020-37 Adopts 2020 surface and stormwater comprehensive plan 9/28/2020 Special
Res. 2020-36 Designates the city as the Bee City USA sponsor 9/28/2020 Special