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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 2019-21 Utility easement relinquishment 7/1/2019 Special
Res. 2019-20 Recognizes 20-year anniversary of Olympic Pipeline explosion 6/3/2019 Special
Res. 2019-19 Supports right to bodily autonomy and person's right to access the full spectrum of reproductive health care services 6/3/2019 Special
Res. 2019-18 Salmon recovery grant 6/3/2019 Special
Res. 2019-17 Utility easement relinquishment 6/3/2019 Special
Res. 2019-16 Puget Sound acquisition and restoration fund program grant 5/20/2019 Special
Res. 2019-15 Utility easement relinquishment 5/20/2019 Special
Res. 2019-14 Submits 2019 action plan to HUD for use of CDBG funds 5/6/2019 Special
Res. 2019-13 Honors the Sikh American community 5/6/2019 Special
Res. 2019-12 Authorizes submittal of draft industrial wastewater pretreatment program ordinance 5/6/2019 Special
Res. 2019-11 Amends land use application fee schedule 4/22/2019 Special
Res. 2019-10 Adopts revised fee schedule 4/22/2019 Special
Res. 2019-09 Utility easement relinquishment 4/8/2019 Special
Res. 2019-08 Utility easement relinquishment 3/11/2019 Special
Res. 2019-07 Establishes invasive species awareness week 2/25/2019 Special
Res. 2019-06 Fixes public hearing date and time for street vacation petition 2/11/2019 Special
Res. 2019-05 Authorizes mayor to enter into development agreement with Parberry 2/11/2019 Special
Res. 2019-04 Utility easement relinquishment 2/11/2019 Special
Res. 2019-03 Establishes fees for use of city parks and recreation golf course 1/28/2019 Special
Res. 2019-02 Establishes fees for Bayview Cemetery services 1/28/2019 Special
Res. 2019-01 Establishes fees for use of city parks and recreational facilities 1/28/2019 Special
Res. 2018-35 Adopts comprehensive emergency management plan 12/10/2018 Special
Res. 2018-34 Adopts low-income housing administrative and financial plan 12/3/2018 Special
Res. 2018-33 Fixes public hearing time and date for street vacation petition 11/19/2018 Special
Res. 2018-32 Fixes public hearing time and date for street vacation petition 10/22/2018 Special