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20.37.140 Samish Way urban village – Street improvements.
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A. Applicability. The regulations of this section shall apply to the development of any principal and/or accessory use within any area in the Samish Way urban village.

B. New construction or renovations of 50 percent or more of an existing structure(s) shall improve abutting streets to three-fourths standard, with the following exceptions:

1. Projects abutting Samish Way shall improve the abutting sidewalk to accommodate the proposed street designs in the Samish Way subarea plan.

2. Projects abutting 34th Street shall install the abutting sidewalk. Projects consisting of more than three units shall also install pocket parking.

3. Projects abutting Abbott Street shall install a five-foot minimum standard sidewalk.

4. Requirements for projects abutting 35th Street between Abbott Street and Consolidation Avenue as proposed in Figure 20.37.140 are outlined in subsection (D)(1) of this section.

The determination of the percentage of renovation shall be based upon whether the valuation of proposed site improvements exceeds 50 percent of the assessed value of the existing site improvements.

C. Street standards shall be consistent with the Samish Way subarea plan streetscape designs. Minor modifications may be approved by the planning and public works directors. Such modifications may be granted when practical difficulties arise in the design and construction of streets due to topographic geological limitations or other problems inherent or peculiar to the area, or where the directors find that imposition of the required street design would be detrimental to the interest of the neighborhood.

D. Street and Bike/Pedestrian Corridor Dedication and Improvement Requirements.

1. Thirty-fifth Street between Abbott Street and Consolidation Avenue. Thirty-foot public right-of-way dedication and LID commitment (or other approved method of street construction to the Type II street standard) is required prior to building permit issuance for properties abutting the proposed 35th Street, as shown in Figure 20.37.140, on which new development, or redevelopment, is proposed.

Exception: Redevelopment of a single parcel consisting of less than 10,000 square feet of floor area with a height limit less than 35 feet under BMC 20.08.020, height definition No. 1 is exempt from this requirement. New structures may not encroach on the proposed right-of-way alignment.

2. Pedestrian/Bike Corridor. A nonmotorized bike and pedestrian corridor with public access easement linking 34th to 35th Street shall be provided as generally shown in Figure 20.37.140. The corridor shall be designed and built to parks and recreation department standards.


[Ord. 2009-11-069].